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CEMA , founded in 1952 for the manufacture of electric motors, since 1980 has been concerned with most of its resources to the designing and development of permanentmagnet DC motors, tachometric dynamos and small worm-screw gear motors with permanent-magnet DC or AC motors. Flexibility and a prompt response to customer requirements are our priorities.
In addition to standard products, manufactured according to IEC regulations, we can produce motors and gear motors based on customer specifications and design.

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The know-how we have acquired in so many years on the market and the close business relations we have established with the main companies in this field enable us to develop appropriate solutions to any transmission and motion problems.

The following items can be supplied according customer sizes and specifications:

  • DC and AC electric motors
  • DC and AC self-braking motors
  • Worm-screw speed reducers, with gears and planetary units
  • Controls for DC motors
  • Inverters
  • Tachometric dynamos
  • Encoders

Home Company Catalogue


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